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Composite Cross-arm Tower
Line Composite Insulators

Substation Composite Insulators

The company successfully developed all series HTV hollow composite insulators in 1999, and the performance can meet the requirement of 30 years of service life requirement (composite insulators for global lines have been proved by extensive practices) with more competitive cost than other …
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Integral Seal Solution-Equipment Users

Since founding in 1996, the company has developed polyacrylate rubber seals with the lifetime same as the equipment through the independent innovation, which have filled in the blank in the domestic market. The company has become one of main drafting units of industry standard, which has s…
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Anti-flashover Solution

The flashover accident of porcelain insulators is one of serious threats to safe operation of power grid. Traditional washing, cleaning and spraying of anti-pollution flashover coating and solution for equipping auxiliary shed cannot absolutely solve flashover of porcelain insulators. Thro…
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Oil-impregnated Paper Capacitor Composite Bushing

The transformer composite bushing of Shemar has realize excellent performance through design of product structure and innovation of materials and process, especially in design of big and small covers of hollow composite insulators, FRP tube integrated design, full-end screen structure desi…
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Seal Maintenance Scheme-End Users

At present, the equipment may suffer unexpected oil leakage and spill because of sealing of operating equipment. When handling oil leakage and spill problem, several typical problems exist as follows: 1. End users do know specifications of the sealing ring when replacing the sealing ring, …
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